Take yourself back to your school years and think about that time you brought home the best grade possible: an A+! Maybe you saw them a lot or maybe they were few and far between, but whichever the case, you always felt good about it. The sense of accomplishment, knowing how much hard work you had put into the assignment and the feeling of knowing you knew the lesson well. I don’t recall all of the A+ grades that I received, but I do remember the ones that I felt the most satisfaction in, and ones that I believed took the most to achieve. Those A+ designations meant that I stood out, that I had skill, that I was the best at what I had strived for. There was even a college professor that as a mouthy 18 year old, I informed that he would have no other choice but to give me an A in his class. He, of course, had been very misguided by giving me a C in his class the previous semester….or so I thought. I remember that A well! I remember the name of the class, I remember the classroom, I remember the professor…all of it. But what I remember most of all was the A+ at the end of the semester. It was a stamp of approval, an affirmation of who I was and a symbol of my accomplishment. It felt good!

So, recently BR&D received an A+! Not from a teacher but from the Better Business Bureau. They reviewed our licensing, our advertising, any government action, and frankly turned over a lot of stones to see what we were really made of. Under the leadership of Brett Stanley, we have maintained the long-standing tradition of received the highest grade in the Better Business Bureau’s rating system. We have the Better Business Bureau’s stamp of approval, as well as an affirmation of who we are. It feels good! So congratulations to us and congratulations to you for choosing a company of the highest caliber!

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