Koi & Other Fish

For many pond owners, fish are a great way to bring the pond to life. From koi to goldfish and everything in between, fish make great low-maintenance pets in even the smallest of ponds. You don’t have to be a show koi breeder to take care of fish in your pond, either – many fish thrive with minimal care. And while we might not be fish veterinarians, at BR&D Landscape we can help you solve many of your fish-based questions

Fish Care

Taking care of koi and other fish is relatively simple, but there are a few things you might need to watch out for to make sure your aquatic companions are at their healthiest

Protein & Carbohyrdrates

Fish rely on two basic macronutrients in their food: carbs and protein. Just like in humans, carbohyrdates are great for giving fish the energy they need to grow, and protein is essential for them to get bigger and stronger. Never feed a fish protein in the winter! Their digestive systems work too slowly to break it down and cause them to almost literally explode. If you must feed your fish in the winter, a small handful of Cheerios dry cereal will do just fine


You can definitely overfeed your fish! If your fish are not eating all of the food you are giving them, the uneaten fish food will break down in the water, putting the nutrients into the water instead of the fish. This can cause explosive algae growth! A good rule of thumb is to only give them enough for them to completely eat in less than 5 minutes


Fish are perfectly happy in water; however, so are many predators! Cranes, herons, raccoons, snakes, and even foxes, wolves, and bears will all attempt to snack on your fishy friends given the opportunity. It is important that your fish have adequate shelter to hide from these predators when they come around. Plants such as lilies work great to hide koi from view, and rock fish houses provide a hiding space in the event of a passing predator looking for a quick bite. If you don’t have one for your fish, call us! We can build a fish house that will keep out even the most persistent of hungry animals

Winter Care

If you’re worried about your fish during the winter, don’t fret! Fish go dormant during the winter months when the water temperature drops, so they are far less active than they would normally be – you don’t even need to feed them during the winter. However, you do need to make sure that enough oxygen stays in the pond and that a hole in the ice remains if the pond freezes over. The best way to ensure this is to install an aerator for your pond in case the pump shuts off. If you don’t have one, we can help! Our Pond Service crew can install an aerator easily in your pond

Water Treatments for Fish Health

Fish don’t need much in the way of water treatments except for two very important ones: dechlorinator and ammonia neutralizer. Since almost all city water districts treat with chlorine or chloramines, adding water to your pond can be a toxic experience for your fish. Dechlorinator removes chlorine treatments from city water, and ammonia neutralizer eliminates ammonia left over from chloramine breakdown. Both treatments should be added whenever you add water to your pond, so if you don’t have any, let us know! Our Pond Service technicians can bring you some and teach you how to use it so your fish are happy and healthy all year long

More Information

The information above only touches on the basic aspects of fish and koi care. If you need more information on taking care of the fish in your pond, the following links are great resources

Aquascape Inc. is the premier pond company in North America, so they know a thing or two about pond fish! This link provides a good overview of some slightly more in-depth information

Doc Johnson is a widely renown veterinarian that has a vast knowledge of fish care and treatment. If you’re concerned your fish may be sick or are simply looking for advanced fish care knowledge, this is the resource for you

True Pump & Equipment is a local Denver business that specializes in ponds, water features, and (of course) pond fish. They carry several fish care products and have very friendly staff who are ready to answer your every question concerning your pond and the koi living in it

If you need help with taking care of your fish or just simply need a delivery of fish food, let us know! Our Pond Service division stands ready to assist your every pond need

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