It’s coming! We can feel it! We are getting ready for it. Each year we have about 4 or 5 customers that call in before Thanksgiving to schedule their Spring Cleaning for the following year. Then about this time of the year, the calls start to trickle in from folks who are asking about setting up their cleaning for April or May. Today we had one. Tomorrow we may not have any. Some have been our customers long enough that they know that the sooner they call, the better off they are and the better selection there is for dates and times.  

Then something happens…it’s a day when the snow is for most part gone, expect for that one spot or two on the cold North side of the house; the day that you see the first person out riding their bike; the day that you see kids AND parents wearing shorts for the first time! You look for the dogs and they are outside laying in the sun, soaking up the rays. It’s like when the President lights the National Christmas Tree…the lights go on in people’s head about the outside of their house and the care the pond needs. The phones blows up! Everyone and their distant relative that has a pond in the Denver Metro area dials 303-660-5015 and says, “I need to set up a date and time to have the cleaning done on my pond.” And we are off! Calls come in faster and faster each warm day until April when it seems as though all the phone lines are always lit up and the batteries on the headsets run out before the day is over.

So, don’t wait. Call now. The phone hasn’t blown up yet. It’s just sitting there. No lights, no sound, no nothing. Today we even have the time to ask how your Holiday was! In April thru September…well, it’s crazy, but we still want to talk with you! 303-660-5015

BR&D's Phones sit alone and silent

BR&D’s Phones sit silent and alone!


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