Pond Accessories

A natural ecosystem pond is designed to need minimal maintenance, but maintenance is still required! Luckily, at BR&D Landscape we have access to some of the best pond maintenance accessories in the business. These products will help make maintaining your pond or water feature as hands-free as possible and can be installed by one of our Pond Service technicians

Automatic Dosing System

The ultimate hands-free pond maintenance accessory, the Automatic Dosing System by Aquascape injects water treatments into your pond or water feature two times every day, eliminating the need for you to have to remember to do it yourself. With four different treatment bags available depending on your pond’s needs, the Automatic Dosing System gives you the peace of mind of knowing your oasis is being maintained to your standards

IonGen Algae Treatment System

The IonGen algae treatment system is the first line of defense against algae in hands-free water feature maintenance accessories. With a setting range between 0 and 10, the IonGen system allows you to fight algae growth without having to remember to add algae treatments. If you constantly have problems keeping algae out of your pond, the IonGen may be the solution you’ve been looking for

Lights & Transformers

An oasis should be available at any time, not just during the day. Waterproof LED lights can help you experience your pond or water feature day or night, whenever you feel like it. LED lights are available in 1-, 3-, and 6-watt sizes and can be installed in your water feature to illuminate it at night and produce a truly unique nighttime experience. Of course, lights need a power source, so they are connected to transformers. To make your lights hands-free, certain transformers are available with photocells that sense when the sun has gone down or risen, meaning you don’t even have to worry about flipping a switch

Beneficial Bacteria & Algaecide

If you’re the sort of water feature owner who enjoys the intricacies of pond maintenance, you might rather enjoy maintaining your water feature yourself. If that’s the case, you will need your very own supply of water treatments. Beneficial Bacteria is perhaps the most important treatment for a natural ecosystem pond, improving water clarity and removing algae-feeding nutrients, and when algae begins to bloom Algaecide is critical to keeping your pond clean and clear

Ammonia Neutralizer & Detoxifier

For pond owners with fish, Ammonia Neutralizer and Detoxifier are must-have water treatments. City water districts treat water so that it is safe for human use and consumption; however, those same treatments can be harmful to fish. Detoxifier removes chlorination from the water, while Ammonia Neutralizer works to remove ammonia left over from chloramine breakdown. If you have fish in your pond, help make sure they’re well taken care of with these treatments

Autofill Valve

All water features lose water to evaporation and splash, even in the winter. With an automatic fill valve, or “autofill,” you don’t have to worry about filling your pond every so often during the summer. Tied in to your sprinkler system, the autofill valve keeps the water level at a set height regardless of how high the temperature might get. The autofill valve is yet another way to make your pond as hands-free as possible


Aerators serve a dual purpose in the hands-free pond. For all fish owners, an aerator is a critical pond maintenance accessory as it acts as a failsafe against pump failure, ensuring your fish continue to get dissolved oxygen into the water. In the winter, an aerator will work to keep a hole in the ice, allowing water to flow there and releasing built-up gasses that would otherwise be trapped underneath the ice and potentially harm your fish. Availabe with two and four stones, an aerator is a crucial component to keeping your ponds hands-free

Seasonal Accessories

The transitions from summer to fall and fall to winter bring with them new pond needs. While many water features look great next to a large shade tree, that very same shade tree can make keeping leaves out of your pond a hassle come October and November. Pond netting is lightweight, easy to install, and will keep all but narrow/needle-like leaves out of your pond. As the temperatures begin to plummet and ponds ice over, a heater will help to keep the skimmer entrance unfrozen and flowing, ensuring that your pump does not run out of water and fail

Whether you would like to have these hands-free products for yourself or you have an issue that these accessories can’t fix, let us know! Our Pond Service technicians can install these accessories or fix what these accessories can’t

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