Ponds & Waterfalls

At BR&D Landscape, building and maintaining quality water features across the Denver metro area is our specialty. From large, commercial ponds spanning multiple units in neighborhoods to small patio fountains in your back yard, our water features are designed to transport you to your very own oasis.


 The hallmark water feature, ponds are a great way to add extra depth and dimension to your landscape. A beautiful pond is central to any private retreat, providing sound, color, and unique visual experiences matching Colorado’s gorgeous climate that you just can’t find in everyday landscaping. Whether you want a large, soaring stream and pond or just a small little pool to add some sound to your back yard, a pond is a great way to create your own oasis

Pondless Waterfalls

While a pond is an excellent focal point for any landscape, many homeowners in Denver don’t have the space to fit a full pond. Enter the pondless waterfall: all of the benefits that come with flowing water without requiring a large footprint and constant maintenance. If you are looking for the tranquility that the sound of rushing waterfalls provides but a pond just isn’t a good fit, a pondless waterfall could be the key to creating your oasis


Mongolian Basalt columns create a unique fountain for those who are looking to add flair and height while working in a limited space. The sharp columns provide a striking contrast to the softer patterns of surrounding plants. These columns complement Colorado’s rugged landscape beautifully

Stacked slate urns add a touch of humanity to an area that is dominated by nature. The design of these urns welcomes a rustic feeling that few other fountains can match while still feeling as though it is a natural fit in its surroundings. Elegant and formal, no Denver landscape is complete without a gorgeous fountainscape to match

Water Features Photos

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No private retreat is complete without a natural-looking water feature as a the central focal point. Whether a pond, pondless waterfall, or fountainscape is the best fit for you, we can design your perfect backyard oasis

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