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Master Certified Aquascape Contractor

BR&D Landscape ranks as a top Certified Aquascape Contractor (CAC) in the world. The CAC program grants access to Aquascape training, which includes education on equipment and parts as well as their proven construction method. Aquascape products are the best in the industry, and their approach is unbelievably simple yet surprisingly effective.

Certified Aquascape Contractors do the job right the first time to produce top-quality water features.

Aquascape Contractor

What is Aquascape?

Aquascape is an all-inclusive pond system company that provides industry-leading pond equipment. BR&D Landscape uses Aquascape products, which provide pre-engineered, professionally installed, and fully customizable landscaping solutions. We offer Aquascape products for everything from pond systems to waterfalls, fountains, pools, and more.

What Is a CAC?

CAC stands for Certified Aquascape Contractor. CACs are the most qualified and knowledgeable water feature installers in our industry. As one of the world’s top CACs, we have expertise based on training and education from Aquascape experts. To become a CAC, one must demonstrate quality workmanship, outstanding customer service, and knowledgeable customer support.

The CAC classification demonstrates industry knowledge and strengthens our reputation as the top pond builder in Colorado.

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Aquascape Pond Accessories

The design of a natural ecosystem pond typically involves minimal upkeep. However, any pond or water feature still requires periodic maintenance. At BR&D Landscape, we have access to the best pond maintenance accessories in the business. These products make maintaining your pond or water feature as hands-free as possible. We offer products for installation by our highly-trained pond service technicians or for DIY installation.

Aquascape Contractor

Automatic Dosing System

The Automatic Dosing System from Aquascape is the ultimate hands-free pond maintenance accessory. It injects water treatments into your pond or water feature two times every day, eliminating the need to track and administer the treatments manually. With four different treatment bags available, the Automatic Dosing System gives you the peace of mind that your backyard oasis receives the highest standards of care. Our team works with you to determine the best treatment options for your pond.

IonGen Algae Treatment System

The IonGen algae treatment system is the first line of defense against algae in water feature maintenance accessories. With a setting range between 0 and 10, the IonGen system allows you to fight algae growth without remembering to add the algae treatments. IonGen offers an effective solution for clients struggling to manage pond algae levels.

Lights & Transformers

You deserve to enjoy your beautiful water feature any time of time or night. Waterproof LED lights let you experience your pond or water feature whenever you feel like it. LED lights are available in 1-, 3-, and 6-watt sizes for pond installation. Lights also need a power source; therefore, they connect to transformers. Specific transformers are available with photocells that sense when the sun has gone down or risen, meaning you don’t have to worry about flipping a switch.

Beneficial Bacteria & Algaecide

DIY pond owners who enjoy managing the intricacies of pond maintenance need a reliable and proven supply of water treatments. Beneficial Bacteria is an essential treatment for a natural ecosystem pond. It improves water clarity and removes algae-feeding nutrients. Also, Algaecide is a critical product to keep your pond clean and clear from algae blooms.

Ammonia Neutralizer & Detoxifier

Fish ponds require Ammonia Neutralizer and Detoxifier as water treatments. City water districts treat water to be safe for human use and consumption; however, those same treatments can be harmful to fish. Detoxifier removes chlorination from the water, and Ammonia Neutralizer removes ammonia leftover from chloramine breakdown. If you have fish in your pond, invest in effective water treatments that maintain fish health.

Aquascape Contractor
Aquascape Contractor

Autofill Valve

All water features lose water to evaporation and splash, even in the winter. An automatic fill valve, or “autofill,” monitors water levels and automatically fills the water to maintain the proper levels. The valve ties in to the sprinkler system and offers another convenient way to make your pond maintenance hands-free.


Aerators serve a dual purpose. For fish ponds, an aerator is a critical pond maintenance accessory. It acts as a failsafe against pump failure, ensuring your fish continue to get dissolved oxygen into the water. An aerator works to keep a hole in the ice in the winter, allowing water to flow there and release built-up gasses. When gases become trapped underneath the ice, they can potentially harm your fish. An aerator is a crucial component for pond health.

Seasonal Accessories

Seasonal transitions require specific pond maintenance. While many water features look great next to a large shade tree, keeping falling leaves out of your pond in October and November becomes a hassle. Pond netting is lightweight, easy to install, and will keep all but very narrow or needle-like leaves out of your pond. As the temperatures begin to plummet and ponds ice over, a heater will help to keep the skimmer entrance unfrozen and flowing, ensuring that your pump does not run out of water and fail. We offer a range of seasonal pond accessories to care for your pond.

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Aquascape Installers

BR&D Landscape is the oldest Master Certified Aquascape installer. We’re also the number one installer, which means we use more Aquascape products than anyone else in the industry.

Our team has extensive knowledge installing, maintaining, and repairing Aquascape parts. We offer parts for sale and installation.

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