Natural Swimming Ponds

BR&D Landscape designs and installs natural swimming pools and ponds. We serve homes and businesses in Denver, Colorado Springs, and across the Front Range. Our design team creates beautiful water features for our clients.

We are a locally-owned business dedicated to functional design and outstanding customer service. As a Master Certified Aquascape Contractor (CAC), we use only industry-leading Aquascape parts.

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What Is A Natural Swimming Pond?

A natural swimming pond is an outdoor water feature designed for safe swimming without chemicals, such as chlorine. Instead, the pool uses water naturally filtered by plants, biological filters, and mechanical filters. This process removes unwanted contaminants like algae, sediment, and debris.

These water features offer beauty and recreation. They also provide an opportunity to enjoy nature while relaxing in the comfort of your backyard.

Koi Ponds for Business Landscaping

Enhance outdoor spaces for your customers and employees to enjoy. Water features with koi or other fish create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, multifamily housing communities, and more. At BR&D Landscape, we have the knowledge and experience to integrate koi ponds into your landscape design successfully.

Koi Ponds for Home Landscaping

Add architectural depth with a landscape design that includes a koi water feature. Homeowners enjoy the delight of a backyard fish pond. At BR&D Landscape, we design and install residential koi ponds. We understand what it takes to build a beautiful outdoor space where fish can thrive. We make and design landscapes for easy maintenance while prioritizing visual appeal.

Natural Swimming Pond
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Natural Swimming Pond Service


Our custom design process includes landscaping, patios, waterfalls, and more based on the project’s scope. We build sustainable and natural pools while incorporating local code requirements, HOA regulations, and other design factors. We help you select the best materials, aquatic plants, and biological filters to create your customized dream water feature. Our team provides clear communication throughout the project.


Our professional construction team installs your project using the best materials and tools. We carefully monitor the installation process to ensure safe and efficient completion. After installation, we ensure your new pond is ready for enjoyment. Our team prioritizes staying on schedule and within budget for each project installation.

Natural Swimming Ponds


We can keep your natural swimming pond clean and healthy with routine maintenance and inspections. We offer pool maintenance options that include monitoring algae growth, removing debris, and adding additional filtration systems as needed. If you notice problems with your pool, please contact us immediately for assistance.


We offer landscape services to support your water feature, including placing aquatic plants and ground cover. We also install flagstone patios, fire pits, and retaining walls to complement your outdoor swimming area.


We offer quality and efficient repair service for your natural pool. Our services include repairs for linings, landscaping, pool equipment, and more. We’re here to help keep your water feature working.

If you have questions about any aspect of your natural swimming pond, please call us today.

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Natural Swimming Pond

Benefits of A Natural Swimming Pool

There are many benefits to having a natural swimming pool in your yard.

  • Water Features Are Beautiful – When you install a natural swimming pond, you will have a beautiful addition to your home. You can enjoy the peacefulness of nature in your beautiful backyard.

  • Cost Savings – Installing a natural swimming pond may save you money over time. Traditional swimming pools require regular maintenance and chemical treatments. In contrast, natural ponds require little maintenance and less expense after installation.

  • Environmentally Friendly – Natural swimming ponds are ecologically friendly. They use little energy and produce few pollutants compared to traditional swimming pools.
  • Low Maintenance – Ponds require less maintenance than traditional swimming pools. We use natural bacteria, algaecide, and other treatments to maintain a pond. We avoid harsh chemicals that sterilize the environment to promote a natural ecosystem.

  • Fun – Children love playing in natural ponds. They can explore, exercise, and enjoy nature while the adults relax, watch wildlife, or entertain. Natural swimming pools create fun for the whole family.
  • Increase Property Value – Creating a backyard oasis adds value to your home. Homes with established and professional landscaping benefit from increased property values.

  • Year-Round Enjoyment – Compared to a traditional pool, natural pools add beauty and a different look in the winter.

Natural Swimming Pond FAQs

Algae control is easy if you know what causes it and prevent it from growing. Proper filtration is key for the health of the pond and to control algae growth.

The most common cause of algae is excess nutrients, which can come from fertilizers, garden soil, and other sources. To reduce nutrient levels, use a fertilizer that has low nitrogen content. Avoid fertilizers containing phosphorus because these are often responsible for creating blue-green algae blooms.

To prevent algae from forming, avoid adding large amounts of organic matter such as leaves, twigs, and mulch to your pool, which can encourage the development of harmful bacteria.

Natural pools are easy to maintain and require little cleaning. However, it’s important to skim the pool for debris, like dead plants, branches, and leaves. Too much dead organic material can lead to algae growth. Also, remove floating objects like plastic bottles and toys to keep your pool beautiful and healthy. We offer a variety filtration and skimming options.

A conventional pool uses artificial materials for construction and chemicals to clean the water. Also, maintenance costs more and requires more effort.

In contrast, a natural swimming pond uses natural materials in construction and filtration. Maintenance costs are lower with a reduced environmental impact.

Add Fun and Beauty to Your Backyard

BR&D Landscape designs and installs custom backyard swimming ponds. Our team includes experts in water features, aquatic plants, and stonework. We are also a Master Certified Aquascape Contractor using the best parts and construction methods to build your pond. We collaborate to create a design to match your aesthetic goals and budget. 

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