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Keep your pond in top shape with professional pond maintenance and care. We’re Denver’s expert source for pond cleaning, maintenance, part replacement, and repairs.BR&D Landscape is a Master Certified Aquascape Contractor (CAC). Contact us today!

Pond Maintenance

BR&D Landscape works on commercial and residential ponds in Denver, Colorado Springs, and other Front Range communities. Our professional team will ensure that your pond is clean, clear, and healthy.

While many homeowners actively engage with their water feature maintenance, many more don’t want to perform the necessary upkeep. Our Pond Service division is here to help home and business owners.

Our dedicated service fleet performs pond maintenance and repair tasks for water features of various sizes. We have the knowledge, skill, and equipment to do the job right, from small backyard ponds to large golf course lakes. Our service technicians properly clean, treat and repair water features. Plus, they can answer practically any pond-related question.

Our Regular Maintenance program performs recurring pond maintenance and service for many clients in the greater Denver Metro area, including Parker and Castle Rock. Our Pond Service division is ready to help solve your pond maintenance needs regardless of the season. Proper pond maintenance is essential because it can help prevent algae blooms, reduce the risk of fish kills, keep your water safe from harmful bacteria, and extend the life of your pond.

If you are looking for a reliable company to take care of your pond, contact BR&D Landscape today.

Pond Maintenance
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Commercial Pond Maintenance Services

Businesses rely on professional pond maintenance to keep their water features running smoothly. From landscaping to pond construction, our team of experts offers everything you need to keep your pond in excellent condition.

Not only do we install custom-made ponds, but we also ensure the feature looks and works great. Our maintenance programs make owning a pond worry-free for business owners and property managers.

Your business can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful pond all year round.

BRD Landscape Pond Maintenance

Residential Pond Maintenance Services

Ponds add serenity and beauty to your home. Yet, proper maintenance matters to keep your pond clean, functional, and healthy. When well-managed, water features add value and enjoyment.

Our professional pond maintenance team has years of experience helping people like you maintain their ponds. Whether you have a small backyard pond or a large natural swimming pool, we can help ensure it stays sparkling clean and works great.

Keep your pond in top shape with our professional team on your side.

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Expert Knowledge for Water Features

We offer routine and seasonal maintenance for ponds, natural pools, and other water features.

New Pond Owner – Pond 101

We offer service for new pond or water feature owners to learn how to care for their pond. The service teaches about the specifics of the new feature and what routine service and maintenance will keep the pond healthy and in good condition.

Pond Cleaning Services

You may not think about it every day, but your pond needs regular cleaning. It doesn’t matter if it’s a koi pond or simple water feature; unkept ponds can develop algae and other bacteria. Plus, dirt, leaves, and other debris look unsightly. We offer regular and seasonal pond cleaning services.

  • Spring Cleaning – Prepare your pond for use after winter with cleaning and refilling.
  • Fall Cleaning – Prepare your pond for winter with the proper adjustments and cold weather preventions.

Koi Pond Maintenance

Keeping koi fish happy and healthy is essential to maintaining a thriving pond ecosystem. We provide tips and products to support pond and fish health. Plus, our team offers cleaning, maintenance, and repair for koi ponds.

Pond Repair & Replacement

Ponds are typically low maintenance. However, parts wear out, leaks occur, and other unexpected issues arise. Our expert team knows how to analyze the problem and recommend the best solution.

  • Filtration System Repair – We repair or replace filtration systems quickly and efficiently to keep ponds healthy.
  • Pond Pump Repair – Broken pumps can leave your pond without enough oxygen, which can lead to fish deaths and dirty water. We’ll replace your pump effectively.
  • Emergency Repairs – Sometimes, things happen at the worst times. If your pond has an unplanned issue, we can respond quickly.

Pond Service

Whether you’re ready to build a new pond or just want to schedule a service visit, we’re here to help. Contact us today!
• Water Testing – It’s essential to test your water regularly to meet state standards. We’ll check pH levels, hardness, conductivity, nitrate levels, and more.

Routine Maintenance

We offer preventative maintenance to inspect and care for ponds regularly. With this service, we do not wait until there is a problem. Instead, we address any issues during our maintenance visit to avoid surprises. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and as needed service.

  • Seasonal Maintenance – We’ll clear away all the debris from your pond, so it looks its best during the warmer months. We also offer summer inspections to prepare your natural pool for swimming.
  • Annual Inspection – We’ll inspect your pond annually to see if anything needs immediate attention. We’ll also check the condition of your pond liner and other equipment.

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Certified Aquascape Contractor

We are a Master Certified Aquascape Contractor (CAC) ranking as a top CAC globally. We use Aquascape parts and construction methods for installations and repairs.

Aquascape products are the best in the industry, with an unbelievably simple yet surprisingly effective approach to pond management.

Trust a Certified Aquascape Contractor for effective and proven water feature service.

Pond Maintenance
Pond Maintenance

Experienced Pond Care Technicians

BR&D Landscape has provided professional pond services in Colorado for decades. We’ve successfully worked on thousands of projects across the Front Range and Denver.

Our technicians have the training and certification to perform maintenance and repairs to ponds, fountains, waterfalls, and other water features.

When you hire BR&D Landscape, you’ll receive:

  • A custom estimate based on your specific maintenance plans and needs
  • Peace of mind knowing that your pond meets or exceeds industry standards
  • Expert advice on what kind of fish and products best suit your needs
  • Detailed plan and cost estimates for maintenance or repair services

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Denver’s Pond Maintenance Contactors

We serve homes and businesses in the Denver Metro area, Colorado’s Front Range, and Colorado Springs. As an CAC and Airmax Certified company, our expert team has extensive experience maintaining and repairing ponds of all sizes and types.

As a locally-owned small business, we rely on trusted customer relationships. That’s why we treat each client with respect and care.

We’re the pond service company Denver counts on for excellence and long-lasting results. Build and maintain your dream pond with help from BR&D Landscape.

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