Pond Repair

Commercial and Residential Pond Repair Service

Pond owners in Denver and across the Front Range trust BR&D Landscape for water feature repair and maintenance. Our team works on repair projects of all types and sizes.

We are Master Certified Aquascape Contractors (CAC), ranking among the world’s top CACs. Our team employs the Aquascape methods to ensure quality and expert repairs.

We can also help you plan your next project, whether a new pond installation or an existing one that needs some TLC. Call us today to schedule a consultation!

Commercial Pond Repair

Businesses choose BR&D Landscape for reliable and professional repair services. We have the knowledge and skill to do the job right from a malfunctioning pump to a complete pond renovation. We work with a variety of businesses to manage landscaping needs, like water feature repairs.

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Pond Repair

Residential Pond Repair

BR&D Landscape is proud to be a preferred residential pond repair company for Front Range communities. Our team of pond contractors understands what it takes for project success. We can manage all types of projects, including pump checks, leak inspections, or transforming your current water feature into a koi pond.
We’d love to talk with you about your pond repair needs.

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Pond Repair & Renovation

Pond Repair

As custom pond builders, we work with you over the life of your water feature. We custom design, build, renovate, repair, and maintain ponds of all types and sizes.

  • Commercial ponds
  • Koi ponds

  • Natural swimming ponds

  • Farm ponds

  • Backyard ponds

  • Garden Water Features
  • Waterfalls

  • And More

Our customers trust us to manage all aspects of their water feature landscape.

Pond Renovation

Whether you want to add a waterfall or refresh an outdated pond, we can help. Our team partners with you to create your custom renovation plan. Revamp your property to add beauty and design appeal.

Water Treatments

We offer a wide range of water treatments, including filtration, algae control, pH adjustment, and more. The health of your pond depends on the condition of the water. Let us help you maintain a healthy water feature.

Pump Replacement or Repair

Pumps for ponds and lakes move water around the system. If the pump stops working correctly, the result could be poor water flow and stagnant water. A faulty pump may cause problems such as low oxygen levels in the water, leading to fish kills.

Water-Fill Valve Repair

The water-fill valve works to regulate the amount of water entering the pond. Excess water can flood the pond area when this valve malfunctions, damaging nearby structures or landscaping.

Fountain and Aeration Repair

Aerators maintain a healthy pond ecosystem. Our team manages repairs for large ponds and retention ponds. As Airmax certified installers, we have the training and experience to resolve large pond issues.

Pond Filter Repair

The pond filtration system maintains the purity of the water in your pond. Over time, the filter media can become saturated. If left unaddressed, this can be a disaster for ponds and fish.

Pond Liner Repair

A pond liner provides protection from erosion, keeps the water clean, and helps prevent leaks. Intact pond liners support water quality and health.

Repairs for Additional Features

We maintain the different components of water features tied to their specific design and purpose. Our services include creating a healthy pond ecosystem to achieve peak performance.
If you’re looking for a trusted pond contractor, contact BR&D Landscape today!

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If you think these hardworking crews can help you with your pond maintenance or landscape construction needs, let us know!

Emergency Pond Repair

If you experience emergency damage or equipment failure, call BR&D Landscape. Our team will assess the situation and find solutions to mitigate the damage. We offer emergency repair service for our clients.

Pond Repair

Pond Repair FAQs

The cost varies widely based on the specific issues involved. We provide a cost estimate for each project. Our experienced team has worked on countless ponds and understands the most effective way to remedy problems.

BR&D Landscape specializes in repairing ponds of all shapes and sizes. We have experience working with natural ponds, garden ponds, koi ponds, retention ponds, and more. We are happy to discuss any project and answer your questions to help you decide the right solution.

Yes! We build new ponds as well as renovate existing ones. We know how to create a beautiful pond that will last for years to come. Ponds add beauty and appeal to your property. Our team specializes in water feature design and construction.

BR&D Landscape specializes in pond landscaping. Therefore, we offer pond repairs. However, not every Denver area landscaper has the expert knowledge required for pond service. If you need a repair, call us today!

Convenient Pond Repair

BR&D Landscape serves Denver, Colorado Springs, and other Front Range communities with trusted repairs, renovations, and parts replacement. Our commercial and residential clients rely on us for fast and effective solutions.

As Master Certified Aquascape Contractors (CAC), we use industry-leading parts and repair methods to restore function and health.

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