Pond Service

Commercial & Residential Pond Service

Ponds offer upscale beauty for businesses and homes and take landscaping up a notch. However, ponds and water features also require regular service to keep them healthy and looking great.

At BR&D Landscape, we are pond experts. Our team understands how to design, build, and maintain water features of all types and sizes.

We are Master Certified Aquascape Contractors (CAC), ranking among the world’s top CACs, which means we use industry-leading equipment and construction methods.

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Pond Service

Commercial Pond Service

Keep your commercial property landscaping pristine with professional pond service. Our team manages the water features throughout your property with expert installation, repairs, cleaning, and maintenance.

Colorado business owners and property managers rely on BR&D Landscape for expert care. Contact us today to learn more about our service plans.

Residential Pond Service

Get the best residential pond service from our experienced professionals. At BR&D Landscape, we understand that ponds add value to your home and create beautiful curb appeal. A backyard pond will look its best when you invest in regular repairs, maintenance, and cleaning.

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Types of Pond Services

BR&D Landscape has dedicated construction and pond service crews that work hard to bring the best results to our customers. Our pond service division handles cleanings, repairs, and maintenance, while our construction division creates your dream landscape. Whether you need pond maintenance or want to install a backyard oasis, BR&D Landscape has the knowledge and experience to meet your needs.

Pond Construction

Our team works on numerous landscape projects every year, ranging from minor upgrades to full-scale pond installations. While water feature installations are our specialty, we offer a variety of landscape construction projects. We can turn your landscaping into an outdoor retreat with a wide range of products, from fountains to natural swimming ponds.

Pond Maintenance

Our pond service team handles routine upkeep tasks like cleaning debris, removing algae, and repairing equipment. We offer regular pond maintenance programs to keep your pond safe and functional. The pond service crew at BR&D Landscape prioritizes function and beauty.

Pond Management

At BR&D Landscape, our pond management team oversees the entire process of keeping your pond healthy and functioning correctly. Our services include monitoring water levels, pH balance, fish population, and more. Our pond management team ensures that your water feature remains a source of enjoyment for years to come.

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Regular Maintenance Plans

Schedule ongoing maintenance for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service. Our technicians visit the property on schedule with consistent tasks, as needed.

Pond Services
  • Clean trash and debris

  • Clear filters, nets, mats, and baskets
  • Trim, fertilize, and divide plants

  • Add water when needed due to evaporation
  • Supplement with water treatment products

  • Visually inspect fish health
  • Check for low or exposed liners
  • Ensure proper auto-fill adjustment

  • Check operation of lights, if possible

  • Check water quality

After each visit, our team leaves written communication of the specific services performed.

Pond Service FAQs

Pond service involves the maintenance and upkeep of landscape water features, like ponds, waterfalls, and fountains. We maintain our customer’s properties using the best equipment and techniques. Our dedicated team offers a variety of services for various types of water features.

Each service technician has training in pond cleaning, treatment, and repair. Plus, we are happy to answer questions and provide expert advice. We’re here throughout the year to offer excellent service for pond landscaping.

Yes! In most cases, professional pond service improves the quality and function of the water feature, especially for commercial properties. While some people prefer to take care of routine cleaning and maintenance, a pond service company has the tools and experience to address problems with lasting and efficient solutions.

The type of maintenance required depends on the type and size of the water feature and landscaping. Routine maintenance includes:

• Removal of debris, algae, and sediment to maintain clarity and health.
• Water treatment to establish and maintain water levels and health.
• Repairs to fix equipment, damage, or leaks.

When you invest in pond care, your water feature can last a lifetime. However, if you neglect your pond, its condition will deteriorate and become a hazard. To create a beautiful and safe property, prioritize pond service.

Denver’s Trusted Pond Service Provider

BR&D Landscape serves Denver, Colorado Springs, and the Front Range with exceptional pond service. We work with commercial and residential clients to manage and maintain all types and sizes of water features.

When you partner with us, we provide the upkeep and help you need to maintain a safe and healthy pond. We strive to exceed expectations through clear communication and expert service. As Master Certified Aquascape Contractors and Airmax certified installers, we use the best parts and methods based on the highest industry standards.

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