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BR&D Landscape – Water Feature Design and Construction

Add depth to your landscape design with a custom water feature. We’re Denver’s trusted source for water feature design, construction, and maintenance.
BR&D Landscape is a Master Certified Aquascape Contractor (CAC). Contact us today!

Water Feature Builders

At BR&D Landscape, we build customized water features for homes and businesses in the Denver metro area and Colorado Front Range. We design and construct fountains, waterfalls, water gardens, and more. Water features elevate the appearance and value of your property.
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Commercial Water Feature Service

We are Denver’s premier commercial landscaping company specializing in water features for business owners. From entry fountains to large-scale waterfall features, we have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to construct and maintain features of all types and sizes.

Businesses trust us to create beautiful and functional designs.

Residential Water Feature Service

Water features add elegance and comfort. They also provide an opportunity to enhance your home and yard with a unique focal point. At BR&D Landscape, we specialize in residential water features, including construction, repair, and maintenance.
Add curb appeal to your backyard landscape.

Water Features
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Water Feature Installation

As Colorado’s landscape experts, we design and install all types of water features customized to fit your unique style and space.

BRD Landscape Water Features

Garden Fountains

Our garden fountain specialists will help you choose the right fountain for your needs. Whether it’s a small pond fountain, a bubbling spa fountain, or a cascading waterfall, our team can help you select the perfect feature for your property.

Garden Waterfalls

A garden waterfall adds beauty and function to any outdoor living space. Enhance your water garden with an added water feature. Our expert designers will work closely with you to ensure that your vision comes to life.

Pondless Waterfalls

While a pond is an excellent focal point for any landscape, many homeowners in Denver don’t have the space to fit an entire pond. Pondless waterfalls offer an excellent alternative. Enjoy the benefits of flowing water without the large footprint and upkeep.

Pondless Water Garden

If you want to add a touch of nature to your backyard, consider installing a pondless water garden. These low-maintenance landscapes offer many of the same benefits as ponds while requiring less space and care.

Water Features

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Whether a pond, pondless waterfall, or fountainscape is the best fit for you, we can design your perfect backyard oasis

Water Feature Maintenance

Maintaining your water feature requires regular upkeep. We offer a variety of maintenance plans to meet your specific needs, including routine maintenance, seasonal maintenance, and cleaning.

Regular Maintenance

Our weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly maintenance programs provide cleaning, inspection, and water treatments. We check water quality and level, inspect the equipment, and maintain aquatic plants as needed.

Spring or Fall Cleaning

Spring cleaning service includes restarting the waterfall or fountain after the winter shutdown. Also, your water feature receives thorough cleaning, plus draining, treatment, and refilling the system.

For fall cleaning or shutdown, we prepare the system for winter. Our services include draining water, cleaning the feature, trimming surrounding plants, and storing equipment, as needed.

Water Features

Master Certified Aquascape Contractor

We rank as a top Master Certified Aquascape Contractor (CAC). BR&D Landscape is part of the CAC program and continuously ranks among the world’s top CACs.

We frequently use Aquascape parts installed with their proven construction method. Aquascape’s products are the best in the industry. Plus, they use a simple and effective approach for installation and maintenance.

Trust a Certified Aquascape Contractor for the best results!

Professional Landscape Water Feature Specialist

As Denver’s water feature specialists, we understand what it takes to design, build, and maintain a beautiful outdoor oasis in the Colorado climate. Not every property has room for a full pond. Water features, like fountains and pondless waterfalls, offer a great alternative.

At BR&D Landscape, we work with commercial and residential clients with outdoor water feature services. We’ll complete each project with the highest standards for safety, efficiency, and beautiful results.

When you hire BR&D Landscape, you’ll receive:

• A custom estimate for your project
• Peace of mind for both quality and function based on industry standards
• Expert advice on how to care for your water feature
•Detailed design plan

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BRD Landscape Water Features

Denver’s Professional Water Feature Service

We serve clients in the Denver Metro area, Colorado’s Front Range, and Colorado Springs with expert service. Our team has extensive experience constructing and maintaining water features in Colorado.

We value our customer relationships and the local community as a locally-owned small business. We treat each project with respect and care to offer top-quality results.

At BR&D Landscape, we’re here to make your landscape design dreams come true!

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