Garden Fountains

Commercial and Residential Garden Fountain Construction and Maintenance

Add class and beauty to your landscape with a garden fountain. At BR&D Landscape, we design, install and maintain water features in Denver and across the Colorado Front Range. We have expert knowledge and experience with various types and sizes of garden fountains.

Our team is committed to providing you with high-quality results backed by outstanding customer service and accurate project quotes. We are Master Certified Aquascape Contractors (CAC), ranking among the world’s top CACs.

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Garden Fountain

Garden Fountains for Business Properties

Fountains add value and curb appeal to commercial properties. A well-designed water feature attracts customers with creative design and an enhanced atmosphere. We work with businesses to craft custom-designed fountains that boost the property’s style and landscape.

Garden Fountains for Homes and Backyards

If you’re looking for a unique focal point for your garden, a water fountain makes an excellent addition. Our experts work with homeowners to choose the right design based on style and budget. Find the expert support you need to create an outdoor oasis.

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Garden Fountain Construction and Maintenance Service

Garden Water Fountain Design

Designing a garden fountain can be as simple or complex as you want. Our design team works with you to integrate the right size and type of fountain into your garden, patio, or aquatic landscape. We work with premade fountains and design custom fountains. We offer standalone fountain design or as part of a larger landscape project.

Water Fountain Installation Service

BR&D Landscape installs all types of water features using the best parts, equipment, and methods. The Colorado climate offers unique weather challenges, like snow, ice, and wind. Our team understands how to install fountains to last. We also integrate your fountain into the overall landscaping system.

Water Fountain Maintenance Service

Regular maintenance keeps your water feature running smoothly. We offer regular maintenance for water features, including weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly schedules to meet your maintenance requirements. We can add fountain maintenance to your service plan for other pond or aquatic landscaping.

Outdoor Fountain Repairs

BR&D Landscape has the expertise to repair problems with fountains and water features. We use quality parts and tools to ensure that your fountain works and looks great. We address issues like leaks, clogs, damaged parts, water quality, and more.

Garden Fountain Cleaning and Seasonal Shutdown

Seasonal cleaning keeps your fountain in excellent shape by removing debris, adjusting water levels, adding treatments, and preparing equipment for the new season. Often, we shut down fountains for winter to minimize maintenance and avoid damage to parts due to freezing.

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Types of Fountains

We offer many types of fountains, including custom-designed water features. Many homeowners enjoy fountainscapes as part of their garden.

Mongolian Basalt Columns

Create a unique fountain landscape to add flair and height in a limited space. The sharp columns provide a striking contrast to the softer patterns of surrounding plants. These columns beautifully complement Colorado’s rugged landscape.

Stacked Slate Urns

Add a touch of humanity to an area dominated by nature. The design of these urns welcomes a rustic feeling that few other fountains can match while still maintaining a natural fit with the surroundings. Gorgeous fountainscapes create formal elegance for gardens.

3 Urn Fountain

Garden Fountain FAQs

A garden fountain is a decorative fixture that creates a relaxing environment for landscape design. It’s a popular choice for both residential and commercial properties. A garden fountain adds beauty and functionality even in small spaces.

The first step is deciding what kind of fountain will suit your needs. You’ll need to consider several factors:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Material
  • Color
  • Cost

We work with our clients to integrate a fountain into the overall look and feel of your landscaping. 

The cost varies for fountain repairs based on the problem or part. Our team can handle almost any situation related to water features. We evaluate the issue and recommend the best solution to give a lasting result. We offer cost estimates to help you make an informed decision about the repairs.

Water fountains typically run constantly. However, we offer a seasonal shutdown service to turn off fountains during certain times of the year. We can adjust the settings to accommodate seasonal changes.

Water Fountain Service Provider

Garden fountains make a beautiful addition to both commercial and residential spaces. BR&D Landscape specializes in water feature construction and maintenance, including outdoor fountains.

We use our knowledge as Certified Aquascape Contractors and Airmax certified installers to answer your questions regarding aquatic landscaping. Contact us today to schedule a project estimate.

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