Water Plants

Plants are a crucial part of the natural ecosystem pond and water feature. Their roots provide filtration to help keep the water running clear, and their varieties of shapes, sizes, and colors help to brighten up any feature almost instantly. From iris to water lilies and afro to moneywort, plants are the perfect addition to your oasis

Shallow-Water Plants

Shallow water plants such as iris, water hibiscus, moneywort, water celery, and other perimeter plants are great for adding depth and dimension to a pond. These plants will either grow tall and full along the perimeter or will spread along the edge of the feature, keeping close to the ground. These plants remove nutrients from the water flowing past their roots, aiding in the overall water clarity of your pond or water feature

Deep-Water Plants

Deep water plants like lilies, lotus, cattails, and others help to filter the nutrients off the bottom of the pond and provide shade for the feature. Deep water plants also provide protection for fish from potential predators looking for a quick snack. Not only are deep water plants useful, but they also look great when they bloom! No pond is complete without these plants adding color and beauty

Common Pond Plants

Pond plants range from the hardy to the exotic and everywhere in between. While certain plants can’t survive in Colorado, many annual and perrenial plants can combine to create a lush water garden in your backyard oasis

Water Lilies

Water lilies are deep-water plants that grow on the bottom of the pond, sending stalks to the surface that grow either bright green lily pads or beautiful blooming flowers. Many species of lilies are also perrenials, so they can survive the harsher Colorado winters. Lilies are also great for providing shade and fish protection; so not only are they beautiful, but they’re useful too


Iris thrive in ponds and water features. They are very hardy plants that can grow massive root systems at all depths (which are great for filtration) and tall leaves that help provide shade and height. Additionally, iris grow bright yellow flowers that bloom for a period of a few weeks every summer. While iris can take over a pond if left unchecked, when managed properly they’re a great addition to any pond


Cattails, like iris, are rhizomatic plants, which means a brand new plant can grow off of a small piece of the main root stem. Because of this, cattails also grow massive root systems. These root systems can be invasive, so we strongly recommend that all cattails remain in pots rather than planted in your water feature. However, when managed correctly, cattails add a splash of nature to your backyard that few plants can match


Moneywort is a ground-hugging, vine-like plant that likes to grow in shallow, slower-moving water  just at the edge between the water and the ground. This plant grows small, circular leaves and creeps along the ground slowly, preferring to build itself up before spreading out further. Moneywort makes a great accent plant for a pond or water feature, especially in those features that might not fit larger plants

More Information

Obviously there’s a lot more to pond and water feature plants than just planting them in the feature and hoping they survive. For more in-depth information on plant care and management, click on the links below 

True Pump & Equipment in Denver stocks all sorts of pond products and accessories, so it only makes sense that they stock pond plants and plant care products as well. If you want a first-hand look at plants that would work well in your pond, stop by and tell them BR&D Landscape sent you

The Water Garden is a water gardening retail shop just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee. As their name implies, they sell water gardening products and (more importantly) water garden plants. For a more in-depth look at caring for pond plants, check out their Plant Care page

Aquascape Inc. includes plants in a large number of their ponds and water features. As such, they have a few basic pointers on how to take care of pond plants

Whether you need new plants in your pond or the plants have taken over your water feature, we’re here to help! Our Pond Service division is skilled at taking care of water plants and managing their spread and growth. Let us know how we can help you with your water plants and pond maintenance needs!

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